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Can I Take This SkinCare Consultation ?

✔️ Yes You are, If You are fed up trying to figure out skincare on your own and need a plan that WORKS for you. ✔️ Yes You are, If You have tried EVERYTHING to fix your skin, but nothing helped. ✔️ Yes You are, If You are committed to do anything it takes to achieve clear, younger-looking skin. ✔️ Yes You are, IfYou have spent a small fortune on skincare without seeing the results you want. ✔️ Yes You are, IfYou are tired of acne/hyperpigmentation/dark spots/dark circles that suppress your confidence.

How this Video Consultation Works ?

First we will take up a 30 minutes skincare consultation, Our Expert will asses the factors that could affect your skin, including your current products, stress, hormonal imbalances, diet, sleep quality and more. We analyse your primary as well as secondary skin concerns and clarify your queries. Our consultations also include quality education based on your skin problems and help you understand their root cause, Then.. ✔️ We match your budget while creating your skincare routines. ✔️ Your very own skincare book does not only include product recommendations, morning and night routines, but step by step usage guide, dietary advice, dos and don’ts and more information to get your best skin forward. ✔️ After you receive your skincare book through email, our skin executive contacts you for further discussions and clarifications. ✔️ You are also added to our personal channel wherein you get follow up notifications, daily. We automate your complete Skincare routine cycle with our AI engine. ✔️ Our chief skin care executive calls you on a weekly basis to monitor your skin concerns closely. ✔️ The second consultation gets scheduled after your 30 days cycle is completed. ✔️The notification for the second consultation is sent automatically.

Are Your Online Experts Qualified ?

Yes, all Our Experts are Internationly Certified and Experienced in treating various Skincare problems. They are driven by the passion to bring healthy skin and happiness to millions around the world through their dedicated effort.

Is Video Consultation safe and secure ?

Yes. the privacy of our Customers is extermly critical to us. therefore we keep all your helath information and data secure through Symetric A-256 Encryption method, hence all your information is safe.

How soon I will get the result ?

Persisitance is the key, you can expert 100% satisfactory result by 30 days. But !!!!!!!!!!! If You are looking for a quick fix solution (HINT: It doesn't exist). If You do not want to commit to truly taking care of your skin externally and Internally. If You want to experiment with random products regularly. this progarm is not for you.

Is there any Hidden Charge ?

No Hidden charges.Our first consultation is free and second consultation charges starts from Rs 199.